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How to Stay Active During the Warm Summer Months

With the days getting warmer, and the nights stretching out a little bit longer, the summer season is once again upon us. With the heat ever increasing, it’s very important to remember that the list of activities you perform daily must change with the seasons.  The physical stress upon your body can be very severe during the hotter months, and even the recovery time for procedures can be very different.

One of the most important aspects of seasonal climate change can be the necessity for additional water to stay healthy and hydrated.  Simple activities like regular walks and light exercises that may be done during the cooler months, can cause your body to react quite differently during the warmer months. Monitoring your heart rate, and making sure to not over-exert yourself should be regular occurrences.  Learning to pace yourself during the warmer months is a good practice. Remember to keep track of how long your walk is, or set reminders to let you know when you should take a break.