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Animal Companions as Healers

elder-gentleman-with-dog-on-benchOn a path to recovery or overcoming an impromptu surgery, there can be many hurdles to overcome. Some challenges may be physical, while lengthy recovery times may result in emotional strains. Sometimes, emotional and mental hurdles can be difficult to get past. In times like these, it may take more than a great homecare specialist or physical therapist. It may take time and effort from a very unexpected friend.

For many years dogs, cats, and other animals have been providing assistance to people in the course of their daily activities. Recently, animals that can help people overcome the melancholy of post surgery recovery or rehabilitation can be a very valuable assistance. While emotional support animals often provide companionship, alleviate loneliness, and can ameliorate depression and anxiety. (link

Studies have found that individuals who use animals as a companion or comfort through difficult healing times can be at a much lower risk of heart attack, and have lower blood pressure.