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Water provides an often ideal environment for seniors to exercise, grow strength, and improve mobility and balance.

Water provides just enough buoyancy to support a fraction of your elderly loved one’s body weight and just enough resistance.

This makes it much easier to exercise in the water, strengthen muscles and improve your loved one’s flexibility. Water exercises can also help improve agility, balance, and cardiovascular fitness.

Below is a roundup of 5 water exercises to increase mobility.

Water Walking and Jogging

In waist-high water, have your aging loved one slowly walk forward for about 20 steps and then backward. Gradually increase walking speed to increase resistance. Once the momentum is built, you may increase the intensity of these water exercises by gently jogging in place.

Now and then, switch back to walking forward and backward. Repeat these exercises for sessions lasting about 10 to 20 minutes every day.


To perform forward lunge exercises, have your aging loved one stand near the edge of the pool for support where needed.

Take oversized lunge steps in the forward direction while not letting the forward knee go past your toes.

Return to an upright standing position then repeat the forward lunge with the other leg.

A variation of this exercise is the side lunge. While facing the edge of the pool, take one oversized step to the side while keeping your toes facing forward. Return to the initial standing position and repeat the exercise on your other leg.

Leg Balancing Exercises

While your senior is standing on one leg, have them raise their knee near hip level. Have them hold this position for as long as you can while maintaining a balance with no support.

Switch over to the other leg and repeat the balancing exercise in alternating sets of sessions lasting up to 20 minutes.

Water Bicycle

This mobility-improving exercise can be performed in slightly deeper water using two floating noodles. Secure one noodle around the back of your senior’s body while resting their arms on the second noodle for support. In this position, your senior can move their legs in repeated pedaling motions similar to riding a bicycle.

Standing Knee Lift

Stand behind your elderly loved one a short distance against the pool wall with both feet firmly on the floor. Slowly lift a knee up and hold the position for a couple of seconds as if marching in one spot. The knee should be level with your aging loved one’s hip.

For a challenge, try the exercise offering no support for improved balance and coordination.

Caring for your loved one does not have to be an individual project. Having the assistance of a caregiver can provide much-needed support for daily living tasks. Contact Caring Home Care today to match your senior with an aid based on specific needs.


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