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Grandparents are special and pave the way for the younger generations of their families. Not only should we always show love and appreciation to them each and every day, but we should also make sure they feel extra special on their own unique holiday. Here are seven sweet and fun ways to celebrate Grandparents Day every year.

Story Time

Have each grandchild share a special memory they had with their grandparent. This could be something funny their grandparents did one time or it can be a story about a life lesson they learned from them. You could also have the grandparents tell a story about their lives from the past or present that they would want to share.

Letters and Cards

Anyone can buy a card from a store but something more meaningful could be to make your grandparents a card. Or you can give them a hand-written letter talking about all of the wonderful things they’ve done for you and why they just so happen to be the greatest grandparents in the world.

Movie Night

Pop some popcorn, grab some drinks and watch your grandparents’ favorite movie as a family. Be sure to get your grandparents’ favorite candy and bring some comfy blankets.

Shopping Spree

Take your grandparents out to do some shopping. Maybe your grandfather needs some new fishing gear or your grandmother needs some new bedroom slippers. Maybe they both need a brand new television set. Gift giving is a nice gesture and everyone likes to get spoiled once in a while, why not your grandparents too.

Photo Frenzy

Create a print and digital photo album filled with family photos. If your grandparents happen to have an absolute favorite photo, place it in a nice frame and give it to them as a present. You could even get a polaroid camera, head over to their home to spend time with them, and take some polaroid pictures throughout the day. You could also create a scrapbook with all of the photos.

Food & Fun

Make their favorite food for lunch or dinner and bake them their favorite dessert with love. After a nice home-cooked meal, you all can play a board game afterward or even charades. There may be a family recipe you all can cook together. If you don’t feel like cooking, then take them out to eat to their favorite restaurant or have their favorite restaurant cater.

Family Home Movie

Have each family member record a video saying how much their grandparents mean to them, what they’ve learned from them, and/or the most hilarious thing they ever did or said. Once you collect all of the videos you can edit the clips into one long video that you all can watch together.

Whether it’s in person, over the phone, or on video chat there are many ways to enjoy and celebrate Grandparents Day near and far. Caring Home Care offers homemaker services that can help with your celebration such as assistance with homemaking, shopping, meal preparation, and more.




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