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The Benefits of Safety Grab Bars

Are you living with an elderly loved one as his or her primary caregiver? You might have noticed that your family member struggles a bit around the house when performing tasks like toileting, showering, or even just getting up from a comfy chair.

Grab bars are a handy home addition that can help improve a senior citizen’s mobility while fostering a sense of independence.

In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of safety grab bars but first things first, why would you want to have safety grab bars installed in your house? Here’s why:

As we grow older, our bodies start to slow down. Effortless tasks such as sitting down or transitioning from a seated to upright position become much harder. Grab bars, therefore, provide the support necessary to make up for the decline in physical abilities.

Installing grab bars in the shower, slippery surfaces, or at the toilet ensures your elderly loved ones struggling to stand up on their own can go on about their day with ease.

If you’re living with elderly parents or an aging spouse, installing grab bars helps provide extra support and protection against slips and falls.

There are several types of adjustable grab bars you can install in your house. Each serves the same purpose of helping provide support.

L-Shaped safety grab Bars:

This type of grab bar is designed to protrude outwards horizontally from a wall, then dip downwards at a right angle. L-shaped grab bars are attached to the floor. They are often installed in showers and near bathtubs, where they provide support and firm gripping options when getting in and out.

U-Shaped Grab Bars:

U-Shaped safety grab bars are designed to extend from a wall in an oblong loop and provide support and balance for added safety.

Suction-Mounted safety Grab Bars:

This type of grab bar uses suction cups to firmly attach onto surfaces such as walls. They are a popular option largely thanks to the fact that they can easily be removed with minimal effort or tools.

They can be a great choice for bathrooms where the elderly or disabled people them to climb in and out of bathtubs or simply maintain balance in the shower. Suction-mounted safety grab bars are designed to be easily adjustable. However, they are not intended to hold a lot of weight like wall-mounted support.

It is not advisable to use suction-mounted grab bars as weight-bearing devices.

Straight Safety Grab Bars:

These are the most basic types of grab bars. Straight safety grab bars range in size from simple hand grips to staircase wall-lined support and safety rails. Straight grab bars are often mounted in a fixed position in strategic parts of the house.

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