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Tips for Helping Your Parent Get Outside More

If your parents are cooped up in the house all day every day that may not be beneficial for their mental and physical health. It’s important they go outside from time to time to get some fresh air and stretch their legs. Check out these tips below that will help your loved one go out and enjoy the outdoors more.

Picnic with your Parents

Grab the family, pack some sandwiches, fruits, drinks, snacks and get that picnic blanket and basket ready. You all can enjoy a nice family lunch at a nearby park or beach. Before or after the picnic, you can take your parents on a nice walk or have them play a game with their grandchildren such as flying a kite or throwing a frisbee.  It’s a win-win because they’re being active outside while you all are spending quality family time together.


Help your parents start their own garden by planting seeds for plants and flowers. They would need to come outside consistently to water their plants, flowers and watch them grow. They could also put a bird feeder outside that they would need to fill up daily with bird food and could develop a hobby such as bird watching.

Beach Days

Pick a weekend once a month and have a beach day with your parents. They can instantly soak their toes in the sand, get some sunshine and go for a nice swim. You all can also bring food, snacks, and drinks to the beach. There are also fun activities to do at the beach such as collecting seashells and making a sandcastle.

Outdoor Chess Club

If your parents know how to play chess or if they are willing to learn, you should help sign them up to join an outdoor chess club. It’s a great way for them to go outside and stimulate their mind. You also can try and find where they hold outdoor bingo games for your loved one to go play and enjoy.


Encourage your parents to go for a walk at least once a day. It could be a morning or an afternoon walk around their neighborhood. Another idea could be for you or your loved one’s caregiver to take them to a shopping mall or shopping plaza and walk around. They can also go for a walk at a local park, beach or walk around a lake.

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