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Times have changed and technology is evolving at record speed. It’s important you explain and introduce new technologies that are out there for your loved one. Here are some tips to help with the tech talk.

Cellular Devices

If your loved one has a cell phone, whether it be an iPhone or Android you should walk them through all of the different functions that are on the phone. These functions include how to call someone, text someone, how to use the internet, how to turn the brightness on the phone up and lower it, how to turn the volume up and lower it, and more.

You should also walk through the different apps (applications) on their phone like the reminders app to put reminders of family birthdays, doctor appointments, and medication reminders. As well as other applications like food and medication delivery apps.

You can also teach them to use Siri or Google voice so they can talk into their phone to get an answer for a question such as what is the weather outside and what is today’s date. You can also show them how they can ask Siri or Google voice to call or text message, someone, for them.

Other Techy Devices

If your loved one has an Apple watch or Google watch, you can show them how they can track how many steps they take, calories they burn, and heart rate. If they have devices that can turn the lights off or draw the blinds, be sure to show them how it works.

Secure their Safety

When talking to your loved one about technology, stress the importance of keeping their personal and private information safe. Show them how to create secure passwords and keep all of their passwords in one secure place. If they happen to have a social media account such as Facebook, gently inform them to be careful sharing certain information such as their address and phone number.

Tell them not to accept friend requests from random people they don’t know or never met before.  You can also show them how to put a password or passcode on their phone. Try to install cyber security on their computer/laptop that protects their information if and when they go on certain websites.

Patience is a Virtue

It’s important you remain patient in your explanation, speak clearly and slowly. Try not to do all of the teachings in one day. Set up different sessions (days and times) to go over technology with your loved one. Emphasize they can always call you with any and all questions and concerns.

Tech Cheat Sheet

Write down notes for your loved ones so they can easily refer to them if they ever get stuck. Keep it in a place where they will always find it whether it be on their refrigerator or on their nightstand by their bed. Whenever they or you purchase a new device be sure to always keep the manual that comes with it.

Technology can be intimidating and your loved one might be hesitant to use it. However, be sure to explain the values and importance of how beneficial technology can be.

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