Summer days can get a little too hot to go outside. We totally understand why your aging loved one may prefer to stay indoors instead. Regardless of age, staying active both physically and mentally could benefit just about every aspect of a senior citizen’s health and wellbeing. Here are our top picks for indoor summer activities:

Board Games

When the weather outside is a bit too warm for older family members, board games might come in handy. Games like chess have been shown to help counteract and to an extent improve some of the negative cognitive effects. The social, physical and mental benefits contribute towards their overall wellbeing. Board games can provide seniors with an opportunity to socialize which helps improve self-image and confidence, decreases the risk of depression, and strengthens their emotional health. An added advantage is that board games like chess stimulate the brain which strengthens a senior’s mental capacity and information retention capabilities.


Yoga comprises a series of exercises, poses and positions that are aimed at improving flexibility, strength, balance, and mobility. Breathing exercises add a meditative component to the exercises which help with focus and mental clarity. Yoga is adaptable meaning the stretches and poses can be varied to be accessible, no-pressure activities for elderly adults.

In the event a senior is new to Yoga, there are numerous online yoga classes tailored specifically for seniors and beginners. With the assistance of a caregiver present, in-person instruction is a safe approach to Yoga and is recommended when learning positions and perfecting form. There are also yoga workout videos designed to allow for an easy follow-along experience with experienced instructors.

Start a Book

There is never a bad time to start reading a new book. Reading is an excellent way for seniors to keep their minds active while staying out of the summer sun. The best part about reading a book is that the senior citizen doesn’t necessarily have to be confined to their homes to do it. A visit to the library or local bookshop would be equally as rewarding. Why not join a local book club or maybe start one with friends and loved ones? Seniors can share their thoughts on different chapters and gain a different perspective from their own.

The number of indoor activities you can engage in with your loved one’s are limitless. Need help executing your plan? Hire one of our trusted caregivers to support you. You can match your loved one with the ideal aid based on specific needs through Caring Home Care’s nurse registry.


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