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Helpful Ways for Reducing Caregiver Stress

Fulfilling your role as a family caregiver can be both rewarding and overwhelming in equal measure. Nothing compares to the feeling of being responsible for the care, support, and wellbeing of a loved one. The downside, however, is that amidst all the effort and emotional investments there’s little time to focus on one’s own needs. As it so often happens, the needs of the family caretaker are,  unintentionally, for the most part, ignored or simply forgotten about.

Stress among caregivers is common given the demanding nature of the whole care process. Here’s how you can reduce your stress:

Find Time To Be Alone

Occasionally finding time to be alone is one sure way to avoid burnout and stress. Take a moment off to do some of your favorite things. Go for a walk, visit the park or even simply sit back and watch a movie, whatever works for you. The key takeaway is you need to give yourself some love and care or there won’t be any to give.

So go ahead and put in some “me time,” it’ll do you some good.

Ask For and Accept Help When Overwhelmed

It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed and worn out being the family caregiver. We, humans, are of limited strength and abilities after all.

Providing care has its good days and the dreaded “not-so-good” days where you will be tested beyond the limits. Ask for help when you feel overwhelmed and accept it when offered. Whether it is from family members, close friends, or a professional caretiver, seek and accept help lightening your workload.

Cashing in on the good old sincere “anything I can do to help” is a great way to reduce stress as a family caregiver.

Maintain Social Connections

There’s nothing wrong with being dedicated to your role as a family caregiver. However, maintaining lively circles of friends and social connections can help you avoid stress and better deliver on your mandate as a caregiver.

Reach out to friends or former schoolmates you haven’t talked to in a while, find online support groups; step out of your care provider role for a moment and connect to the world outside your immediate family. It’s from these social connections that you’ll find moral support, help, and even opportunities to occasionally step out and be someone else in your free time.

From the occasional burnout to the long-term stressful nature of the job, it is recommended that caregivers find a stress relief method that best works for them. Hiring assistance through Caring Home Care’s nurse registry can be seen as a benefit as our team can provide aid for the times that you are not available. Providing help with daily tasks such as meal preparation, cleaning, etc., are just a few services a certified aid can administer. Click here to speak with a coordinator today.

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