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Summer Safety Travel Tips for Seniors

Navigating travel as a senior citizen can be daunting. Mobility concerns, confusion, and overwhelm are common. If you or your parents are getting ready to travel, there are some things that can be done to make travel easier.

Today we have rounded up the top three tips to follow for safe and easy travel for seniors:

Be up to Date With Your Vaccinations

If the past year is anything to go by, right now would be a good time to consult a physician regarding your loved one’s immunizations if they have travel plans.

If travel plans include a trip overseas, talk to a healthcare provider to find out what precautions and vaccinations are needed before departure. Presently, most travel destinations across the globe require proof of vaccination and a short quarantine period over COVID-19 concerns.

In the event that your loved one has a pre-existing health condition, be sure they bring along all medications needed to stay in top shape.

Consider Getting Travel Insurance

Insurance coverage can give you and your loved one peace of mind during a vacation. In the event that the trip gets canceled, luggage is lost or damanged, or your loved one’s need emergency medical attention in a foreign hospital – insurance is there to pick up the costs.

Even with waterproof travel plans, there’s always the possibility something could go wrong. Travel insurance simply takes out the guesswork leaving you to focus on what really matters; making memories!

Plan a Travel Itinerary

Keeping a travel itinerary is one way to stay organized during travel. It can also help keep your loved one safe. Comparing information you have about the travel destination with facts from the State Department gives you and your loved ones useful insight into what places to avoid and emergency contacts should they be required.

If your loved one doing the traveling is based in Florida or enjoying a trip to Florida, you can add support through the assistance of a caregiver. Caring Home Care’s personal caregivers can help assist your loved one during travels.

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