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Staying on Track with your Fitness Goals

Being and staying fit is highly important at any age, especially as we get older. When it comes to your loved one, their fitness is crucial when it comes to their physical health. It’s great if they have fitness goals that they can strive for and stay on track with.

Get in the Fitness Groove

Your loved one should have a set exercise routine that they do. Consistency is key and you would want them to stay consistent when it comes to their fitness. They should be able to build strength and implement stretching in a safe way that’s part of their exercise routine. Help them get on a set schedule such as working out for 30 minutes to an hour each day whether it’s in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Exercise Classes

When it’s much safer to be in a group setting, your loved one should sign up for specific exercise classes for seniors. There are so many classes to choose from such as pilates, chair yoga, water aerobics, dumbbell strength training, resistance band workouts, bodyweight workouts, and much more. Typically these classes are once a week, twice a week, or even three times a week. Signing up for an exercise class that your loved one goes to on a regular basis will be a great contribution to achieving their fitness goals.

Healthy Diet

There is a popular saying that working out is just half the battle when it comes to being and remaining physically fit. You also have to be willing to eat right. It kind of defeats the purpose if you’re working so hard to exercise and then eating whatever you want. It would be a good idea for your loved one to speak and/or meet with a nutritionist to map out a healthy diet for them that includes lots of fruits and vegetables.  It will also ensure they are eating enough and getting the proper nutrients they need on a day-to-day basis.

Fitness Planner

Having a fitness plan for your loved one would be super helpful to ensure they are staying on track with their fitness goals. There are fitness planners where you can record weight. There are also fitness planners that list out the days of the week in a year so you can write out their exercises for the day or week.

Make sure your loved one checks in with their primary care physician on what they say before they start to exercise and keep up with their fitness goals. It’s very important they consult with their doctor for their health and safety. You wouldn’t want them to seriously hurt themselves or pull any muscles. Their doctor can also help with customizing a fitness plan that works just for them.

Caring Home Care caregivers offer personal assistance that assists with daily activities like companionship and recreational activities. These activities include walking, swimming, and dancing which can be different types of exercises. If your loved one has a favorite type of music or favorite songs, you can create a dance playlist for them and their caregiver could encourage them to get up and move their body by dancing. Their caregiver can also go on the morning, afternoon or evening walks with them.

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