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Transitioning from Family Caregiver to Third Party Caregiver

It takes a lot of care, time, money, and patience in being a family caregiver. There may come a time where you have to hire an outside caregiver to take over. It’s important to always keep your loved one’s best interest at heart. It may come as a big surprise with the change in caregivers but here are tips to ease that transition.

Take your loved one’s health, needs, wants, and goals into consideration. You want to make sure they’re going to be happy and as comfortable as possible. You also would want to have an open communication dialogue with your family so they know there is someone else who is going to be taking over as far as taking care of your loved one.

Create a budget so you have in your mind how much you are willing and able to pay for a third-party caregiver. Make sure you have enough money aside so all of the payments can be processed smoothly.

Find a caregiver that’s local so in case of an emergency they don’t have to travel way too far. They will already be familiar with the area if they have to go to the grocery store to do food shopping for your loved one, take your loved one to the park, or doctor appointments. It’s important to pick the right caregiver because not only are they going to be around your family all the time, they’re going to be in your home all the time as well. You need to be able to fully trust this person with your prized possession, and we’re not just talking about the materialistic things, we’re talking about your loved ones too.

A caregiver can help with so much for your loved one’s life, for instance, doing housekeeping, giving reminders for medications, treatments, and upcoming appointments. Provide driving services to appointments, shopping, and other outings. They also assist with meal preparation and overall daily routine activities like helping with getting dressed, bathing, laundry, cleaning, brushing teeth, toileting, taking blood pressure and temperature. Another great thing is caregivers offer your loved one companionship.


You want to be certain the new caregiver is properly licensed and trained. That they have more than enough experience for the tasks at hand and their personality will fit in well with the rest of your family. You wouldn’t want to just find a random stranger off of the street. Whether it’s going through an agency or other services, you want to find someone who is responsible, reliable, and passionate about this profession. They will play a big part in your loved one’s health, happiness, and overall well-being.

If you’re looking for a caregiver, Care Home Care can help you find the perfect match. They will help you with the search process by assessing your unique situation and finding the right home health aides and certified nursing assistants. You will barely have to lift a finger as they will make all of the arrangements so you can start getting quality nursing you can depend on as soon as possible

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