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Apps for Medication, Organization, and Help

While caring for a loved one can be rewarding, it can also be time-consuming and overwhelming. Having a support network is important to avoid getting burnt out. Additionally, mobile apps can help keep everyone organized to reduce some of the stress that comes along with caregiving responsibilities.

From keeping track of medications and appointments to finding help, here are five notable apps for caregivers:

Lotsa Helping Hands

This popular, free app allows you to create a network of family, friends, volunteers, and others who can help with caregiving. You can invite whomever you want, including professional caregivers. Then, you can communicate updates, coordinate assistance and get emotional support in one place. By posting tasks that others can help with, you can schedule transportation to appointments, visiting hours, meal deliveries and more.


CareZone is a comprehensive app that gives you and your family an easy way to manage doctor’s instructions and medications. It can be difficult to remember the times and dosages for prescriptions, vitamins, and supplements if there are multiples that need to be taken every day.

This free app lets you create and update a list as necessary. Also, you can make a schedule and set reminders for when each dose should be taken. You can organize medical contacts, insurance information, appointments, and other information inside the app as well.

Caring Village

This free app is another that lets you create a custom group of support around your loved one, and you can include as many people as you want. You can coordinate care and communicate updates, including arrangements for meals and transportation for doctor’s appointments. On top of that, Caring Village has shareable to-do lists, checklists, alerts, reminders, and a wellness journal.


MyMeds is a free app that focuses on managing and scheduling medications. It sends daily medication and refills reminders via push notifications, emails or text messages. When your loved one takes the medication, they can reply to notify you via the app. This should give you some peace of mind if your aging loved one is still responsible for remembering to take their own prescriptions.

You can add yourself and others to the tracking list so that you know whether or not their medications were taken. If they weren’t, you can send a reminder. The app allows you to analyze medication usage and send updates to family and health care professionals as well.

Medisafe Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker

The free Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker app by Medisafe lets you easily set reminders for each medication. If your loved one misses a dose, the app will send you a notification. It includes reminders for when prescriptions are running low and need to be refilled as well. There are even alarms when certain medications shouldn’t be mixed.

Additionally, the app has a shareable doctor appointment manager, logbook and calendar.

The apps above make it easier to manage your loved one’s care. However, you may still need assistance from a professional service like Caring Home Care. Our professional caregivers can assist with day-to-day activities like bathing, grooming, fall prevention, medication reminders, vital sign checks, and much more.  We can also arrange for a caregiver to assist your loved one when you or your family need respite.

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