Babysitting your grandkids does not have to be a chore – it’s fun! The best part is you don’t have to blow the budget to spend quality time with your grandchildren. Here is a list of our top five picks.

Involve the Family Pets

A good old game of fetch at the park with your grandkids and your dog may be just the fun activity you’ve been seeking. Fresh air, the great outdoors, and a bonding experience like no other, what’s not to love?

Everyone gets to burn a few calories, and while there’s no guarantee you’ll keep up with your grandkids, this is one activity you’ll have a ton of fun engaging in.

Teach Your Grandchildren a New Hobby

Whether it’s playing the accordion or learning how to draw a figure, teaching a hobby is one activity you do not want to skip.

Teach the grandkids one or more of your hobbies and watch how well they take to it. Don’t be too hard on yourself if they fail the first couple of attempts. Encourage their performance and share past stories of times you engaged in the hobby yourself.

Take Turns Reading Favorite Books

Reading your grandkids’ favorite books and sharing your favorite titles is another excellent fun way to spend time.

While children’s literature is not always the most exciting to read, some titles are timeless classics. Why else do you still remember Snow White after all these years? Take turns reading; the best part is that you will reinforce the value and habit of reading.

Play Fun Video Games.

A big part of the fun will involve collaborating on what video games to play (and give you deep insight into your grandkids’ interests).

Video games are a universally accepted medium of entertainment your grandkids will appreciate you taking an interest in this addictive hobby. Bored on an afternoon or stuck indoors? Break out the gaming controllers and test out your gaming skills. There’s no guarantee you’ll win much but you get major points for the effort.

Make Favorite Recipes and Try Some New Ones

Nothing creates a better bonding experience than a tasty, homemade recipe. Do your grandkids love burgers? Why not try making them from scratch? Perhaps you know of an exotic recipe that would blow everyone’s’ mind. Get creative and have fun with it.

Having a certified caregiver on hand can add an extra layer of assistance where a certified nursing assistant or home health aid can help to maintain a safe and clean environment while also helping to coordinate recreational activities for the aging loved ones to conduct with their grandchildren. You can match your loved one based on their specific needs to a caregiver through Caring Home Care’s nurse registry today.


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