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The holiday season is a time for families to take a break from crazy schedules and share treasured traditions. When the right professional caregiver is introduced during this time it can be an opportunity to build the foundation for a great relationship.

It’s common for your loved one to feel apprehension about someone new coming into the home to provide care, but once the relationship is established it will be hard to imagine the caregiver was ever not there.

Here are some tips from our team to make the transition as smooth as possible for your family:

Create a Consistent Schedule to Foster Familiarity

Try to maintain a normal schedule for your loved one’s caregiving during the holidays without interrupting the caregiver’s holiday celebrations. Consistency is important for creating strong bonds between caregivers and recipients.

Remember That Opportunities for Conversation Open Doors

Seniors may need a little more attention and social interaction around the holidays, especially if you’re tied up with family activities and holiday events. It’s the perfect time for him or her to sit with the caregiver and talk about everything from holiday traditions to favorite memories from the past.

If the caregiver is from another part of the world, he or she can take the opportunity to share unique celebrations and traditions from his or her culture. For some seniors and caregivers, these conversations lay the groundwork for long-lasting friendships.

Holiday Outings Create Bonding Opportunities

If your loved one is mobile enough, he or she can bond with the caregiver on special outings. Have the caregiver accompany your loved one to local holiday activities for seniors or help him or her pick out Christmas presents for the family at nearby stores.

By shopping together your loved one will be able to tell the caregiver all about the members of your family, their hobbies, and other fun information that will help the two learn more about each other.

Caregiver Involvement Makes Celebrations Special

Holidays can be tough for caregivers. Many people need extra help caring for their loved ones as they try to make the holidays “merry and bright,” which doesn’t leave a lot of time for caregivers to enjoy their own celebrations.

Ask your loved one’s caregiver if he or she would like to participate in some of your family’s activities, such as tree decorating or holiday baking, to give them a break from constant work.

Taking advantage of the bright and cheerful atmosphere of the holidays to strengthen bonds between your loved one and his or her caregiver can ease the stress of the caregiving situation for the rest of the year. Your loved one will get to know and trust the caregiver more as they spend time together during one of the most cherished seasons of the year.

If you’re the primary caregiver for your loved one and feel as though you’ll need additional help this holiday season, Caring Home Care is here for you. Our certified caregivers can keep your loved one company as well as help them be a part of the festivities. Learn more about our caregivers today!


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