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Being responsible for the care and wellbeing of an aging loved one comes with its share of responsibilities and tough decisions. As our loved ones grow older, age-related illnesses and a decline in cognitive functions may necessitate personalized home care.

This often means that decisions about our loved one’s quality of life will come up. Several considerations come into play when making critical home care decisions.

Put Safety Above All Else

Any caregiver’s primary assignment is to ensure comfort and safety. This may mean having someone stay with a person at specific times of the day or around the clock.

When family members have other obligations, this may mean hiring a professional caregiver. In many instances, your loved one may push back against this idea, not wanting a stranger in the home. It is important to remind your family member that you are only looking out for his or her safety to avoid trips, falls, and other concerns.

Where there’s room for consultations, such as when other family members are involved, be sure to establish your elderly loved one’s safety as the common shared objective.

Stay Respectful

The hardest part of providing care for an elderly loved one is their perceived loss of independence and respect. It is important to constantly reassure them you respect them and that their opinions are valued as well.

Remember, a decline in cognitive function is common amongst the elderly which means their care and wellbeing are best left to a loved one. The apparent shift in decision-making abilities may further drive the notion that they aren’t respected enough. So, reiterate it every opportunity you get to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

Consider Seeking Professional Help

Being in charge of providing care for an aging loved one is no doubt an honor. There are some decisions however, that might be too hard to make as a caregiver.

For instance, you might want to employ legal services for estate administration or consult professional caregiver services in the event you or the family are unable to meet your elderly loved one’s in-home care needs.

Providing care for an elderly loved one can be an overwhelming responsibility and it is normal to ask for help. Consider leaning on the support of a caregiver to help you along the way. Caring Home Care has a nurse registry that can match you or your loved one with the right personal care based on specific needs.

In summary, making care decisions for a senior loved one is never easy. With an informed, respectful, and sensitive approach to your elderly loved one’s needs, you can help keep them safe, happy, and healthy.


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