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Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

Summer is around the corner which means it is the perfect time to start embracing the outdoors. With some precautions, seniors can indulge in a bit of summer fun with family and loved ones. Below is a roundup of summer safety tips for seniors.

Stay Hydrated

The sensation of thirst decreases as we age. This puts seniors at serious risk of dehydration more than others during summer. On top of that, seniors living with chronic conditions such as Alzheimer’s or dementia may require additional attention from caregivers this summer to stay hydrated.

It is important to regularly offer seniors several glasses of water throughout the day.

If your aging loved ones are fit to exercise or perform strenuous physical activity, it is crucial to ensure there’s plenty of drinking water and electrolyte-dense beverages.

Invest in Good Quality Sunscreen and Shades

Soaking in a bit of sun is part of the summer package. Seniors should put on sunscreen every time they plan to spend prolonged periods of time outdoors. Sunscreen helps provide protection from the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays shown to hasten the skin’s aging process and cause mutation that may lead to skin cancer.

Additionally, UVA/UVB filtered pair of sunglasses should provide protection from the sun’s rays and keep those nasty cataracts at bay.

Stay Cool

Heat strokes are common among senior citizens during summer and pose serious health risks. This summer, some precautions you can take to help keep your elderly loved one’s safe include:

Avoid overdressing your aging loved ones.

Loose-fitting clothes, vests and breathable garments are recommended.

Avoid hot beverages and caffeine-based drinks as well.

Settle for fresh juices and lots of water instead.

Observe All Public Safety Measures.

The Coronavirus pandemic remains a global challenge more than a year on. Although we have made great strides in controlling the spread of the disease, there are still many public safety measures to be observed that may be especially important for seniors and those who are immunocompromised.

This summer, it is recommended you review any mask or social distancing mandates for your city. Do your best to avoid large gatherings in small, poorly ventilated spaces, regularly wash your hands.

Your loved ones are so important and caring for their needs oftentimes requires extra attention. Consider hiring a caregiver to care for their needs and give you an added layer of support.

Caring Home Care has a nurse registry that can provide assistance with tasks such as aiding your loved one as they venture the outdoors while remaining safe. Learn how you can match with the perfect aid today.

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