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Why Home Healthcare Workers Need to Know Their Patients Well

Any in-home healthcare worker hired to help with your aging relative’s needs should be willing to build a close relationship with him or her. Knowing the details of your loved one’s life can affect care in many important ways.

Comfort and Safety

Seniors receiving in-home care are at different levels of independence and require varying degrees of assistance. Some can handle tasks like bathing and using the bathroom on their own but need help with cooking and cleaning. Others require 24-hour help and supervision for all tasks.

In-home healthcare workers must understand the level of care necessary so that your loved one isn’t left to attempt things he or she is unable to do. Lack of knowledge on the part of the healthcare worker can lead to neglect and result in injury or illness.

Medication Schedule

Many elderly patients take multiple medications, and these must be administered at the right times, in appropriate doses and in the correct combinations. Healthcare workers who fail to learn the routine put your loved one at risk of an overdose or interactions with unpleasant side effects.


Bringing an unfamiliar person into the home is a challenge, and if your loved one doesn’t trust the healthcare worker, it becomes almost impossible for proper care to be administered.

The person you hire to provide help should take the time to get to know your relative personally and must be able to handle any misgivings or changes in attitude with grace and patience.

As they get to know each other better, your loved one will come to understand the importance of having the healthcare worker as part of his or her care team.

Care Quality

Open communication between you, your loved one and the healthcare worker is the cornerstone of high-quality care.

Healthcare workers must be good listeners and able to convey the details of any changes in your loved one’s condition to ensure potential complications are avoided.

If he or she is unavailable due to illness or a personal emergency, it’s essential for you to receive notification in a timely manner so that an alternative option can be lined up.

To find an in-home healthcare worker who truly understands and cares about your aging loved one, request an appointment with Caring Home Care. With our assistance, you’ll be matched to a certified home health aide or Certified Nursing Assistant to help your family.

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