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Why You Should Hire a Caregiver this Holiday Season

Trying to handle your aging loved one’s care during the holidays is challenging and adds more pressure to an already stressful schedule.

Here’s how hiring outside help can take some of the weight off your shoulders.

Get Daily Tasks Covered

When your loved one needs assistance bathing, getting dressed and eating, personal care assistance can take up a large chunk of your day. Trying to squeeze in holiday preparations stretches your schedule thin, and eventually, something will fall by the wayside.

A caregiver can manage all the personal care basics and be there for your loved one so that no important details are missed while you’re handling the holiday preparations. Extra care also ensures seasonal decorations don’t become fall hazards as your loved one navigates temporary changes in the home’s layout.

Balance Errands

Doctor’s appointments don’t stop for the holidays. Your loved one still needs to get his or her routine medical care, and if he or she deals with chronic health issues or dementia, someone should always be on hand in case of an emergency.

Although you can do a lot of your holiday shopping online, there will come a point when you need to get out of the house. You don’t have to feel guilty or pressed for time if a caregiver is there to transport your loved one as needed.

Provide Additional Companionship

Holidays can be a tough time for aging relatives, especially those who have recently lost a spouse or close friend. Having someone to talk to can make the season easier to handle, and a caregiver provides this much-needed companionship when you’re busy.

Caregivers appreciate these interactions just as much as seniors and will be glad to spend time engaging with your loved one as he or she reminisce about holidays past.

Have Respite from Caregiving Duties

Everyone should have a chance to enjoy the holidays, including you! You need time to shop, prepare for celebrations and relax with family and friends. Hiring a caregiver allows you to continue your holiday traditions and rest so that you feel refreshed instead of frazzled as the new year dawns.

Give yourself and your loved one the gift of a less stressful holiday season with help from an in-home caregiver. Caring Home Care can refer you to a certified caregiver that can provide your loved one with the care and attention they need, making the holidays merry and bright. Learn more about our caregivers today!

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